Residential Exterior

The benefits of using a lime paint or lime wash over exterior brick far out weight the benefits of using a traditional acrylic paint. Lime Paint is a purely natural material which has the following characteristics:  it is breathable, both moisture & UV resistant, durable, anti-mold, fire retardant and is a historically successful binder to brick. In short, lime paint is like a blanket for your home, protecting it from the harsh elements while preserving its natural beauty.

Residential Interior

Lime plasters/paints for interior projects are just as beneficial to your home and family as exterior applications. Recommended for both existing and new construction, lime plasters create an elegant natural beauty while protecting your home, creating a heathy environment for your family, pets and home.

Commercial & Corporate

With the increasing desire to build eco-friendly environments, more people are discovering natural lime plasters. Ideal for the work place design, natural finishes can be used to create the right mood, look and feel for your office space. Lime plasters are perfect for front desk areas, lobbies, elevator vestibule, corridors, accent walls and private offices.

Restaurant & Hospitality

Today, more than ever, people out and about visiting the newest “hot spots” in town. Want to make a lasting impression on your newly designed restaurant? “Wow” them with a lime plaster wall finish! Classic or custom, our wall finishes are the glue that ties your design concept together. Washable, breathable, yet elegant, lime plasters capture the look and feel or any space.